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Poly Furniture

Below you will find our beautiful poly furniture. Poly furniture offers so many benefits including:

  • Poly Construction
    Produced with plastic lumber made from high-density polyethylene which would normally be disposed into our landfills.

  • Maintenance-Free
    Our poly furniture will not rot, rust or fall apart from wear. It does not require painting and is built to endure harsh weather.

  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
    We use high-quality stainless steel fasteners on all of our poly furniture which are proven to be more resistant to corrosion.

  • Thicker Leg Construction
    The legs of our poly furniture are 1½” thick by 3½” wide giving our furniture additional strength and stability.

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Leisure Lawn Poly Furniture Collection


Porch Poly Rockers

There is nothing like a comfortable rocker to take you back to the good old days. Enjoy the old hickory experience weatherproof poly.

Poly Rockers East Berlin, NJ


Dining in Style

This beautiful poly tables and poly adirondack chairs offers style and comfort for your morning coffee or inviting friends over for an outdoor dinner. If you want style and comfort, your in the right place.

Poly Table berlin nj


English Garden

A touch of elegance reminiscent of old English styles, this beaufiful poly table and poly chairs offers a delightful touch to your outdoor seating and dining needs. We offer our English Garden tables come in a variety of sizes to ensure the perfect fit for your patio or deck.

Poly English Table burlington nj

Bistro Furniture

Everything becomes more enjoyable, your morning coffee, lunch, or a romantic dinner, with Bistro Poly Furniture. This set features our Fanback chairs at standard chair height and a small dinette table. This set is perfect for smaller areas. The Bistro Chairs offer a very comfortable design.

Bistro Poly Furniture burlington nj


Bar Height Poly Table & Chairs

What a way to spend the night. Sitting on the porch or deck with friends, a few drinks, and so much character from your poly bar height table and chairs. This is the perfect set for any size space.

Poly Bar Table burlington nj


Adirodack Poly Chairs

Yes, we offer the most comfortable adirondack chairs for your porch, deck, or pool area in many colors. If you haven't experienced the comfort of these amazing poly chairs, your missing out.

Poly Adirondack chairs burlington, NJ


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